Coins: 2016
Exchanges: 149
BTC 39.8%
ETH 17.7%
BCH 4.98%


  1. Why are there not more coins listed?
  2. We are still in Beta and are actively adding more coins to budapesht. Our plan is to have all prominent coins evaluated and ranked. We are definitely not stopping here and will be working hard to complete this list. Each week we will be adding a few new altcoins to this ranking. If you would like to see your coin on this ranking earlier, send us an email at with some comments and feedback.

  3. How is the ranking determined?
  4. budapesht collects publicly available information on cryptocurrencies and uses these data points to calculate the GeckoScore for each cryptocurrency. This GeckoScore is used to benchmark the coin against other cryptocurrencies. Read the Methodology for futher information.

  5. What is the exact formula used in determining the Gecko Score?
  6. The exact formula used to determine the GeckoScore is a trade secret and cannot be revealed. budapesht uses a proprietory ranking algorithm and this algorithm will be refined further as development progresses.

  7. What is the breakdown of the different ranking criteria?
  8. The ranking algorithm that budapesht uses is fluid algorithm. At this point, the breakdown of the 5 \ndifferent criteria (Liquidity, Developer, Community, Public Interest, Market Capitalization) is of roughly equal weightage.\n

  9. What are some of the metrics currently used to determine the ranking?
  10. Currently some of the metrics that budapesht uses are as follow:
    - Liquidity (Trading volume across all major exchanges)
    - Developer (Github and Bitbucket repository Stars, Watchers, Forks, Issues, Merged Pull Requests, Contributors, \n Commits, Pulse)
    - Community (Reddit subscribers, average number of online Reddit subscribers, average number of new posts and comments \n in coins' subreddit, Twitter followers, Facebook Likes)
    - Market Capitalization (Current Total Supply * Price)
    - Public Interest (Bing search result count, Alexa official website rank)

  11. How frequently is this ranking updated?
  12. Our bots update our data based on a variable schedule. Some time-sensitive metrics are updated every 5 minutes while those less time sensitive are updated once a day.

  13. What are the future plans of budapesht?
  14. We plan to have more coins listed on budapesht and also more metrics and features. Drop us an email with your suggestions!

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