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Exchanges: 137
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ETHETH Dominance: 17.2%


budapesht lists the world's top cryptocurrencies and ranks them based on key aspects such as developer activity, community, liquidity, market capitalization and public interest.

Criteria budapesht Importance
Developer Uses development activity on public source code repositories on Github and Bitbucket. For more information on these metrics, read our blog post. budapesht tracks the development activity of the coins via public source code repositories. The reason why we are looking at this is that some coins are no longer maintained by the developer thus those coins would appear very unlikely to progress over time. By looking at how much interest and effort goes around the development community, there is a chance that the coin will continue to innovate according to how the cryptocurrency market sees fit.
Community Looks at discussions and popularity of a coin from social media and forum content on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook. Cryptocurrencies tend to experience tremendous growth when there is a strong community backing it. A strong community contributes to new ideas and new features to be incorporated into the coin, increases trading volume, and signifies growth towards a bigger market.
Liquidity Looks at the cryptocurrencies' trading activity on all major exchanges. Liquidity of altcoins can be used to measure its market share, market maturity, and market acceptance. The coin needs to be widely traded on exchanges to be considered a potential growing coin.
Public Interest Looks at the number of search results on Bing and the Alexa rank of the official coin website. Bing search results count and Alexa rank of the coin official website indicates the general popularity of a coin.
Market Capitalization Price multiplied by Available Supply A coin with a larger market capitalization indicates that more people are interested in holding this coin.

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